4 Cool Reasons to Buy a Home in The Winter

buy a home

As winter approaches—Florida style that is—the days are getting shorter and fewer “For Sale” signs are popping up around neighborhoods. Although winter isn’t the most popular time to buy a home, purchasing a piece of property during this season can bring some great advantages. Let’s break down the four most important reasons why buying a home in the winter makes a lot of sense.

Reason #1: There is less competition.
With fewer people looking for a house during the wintertime, there won’t be too many competing offers from other potential buyers. Therefore, you can take the time you need to check out all the properties for sale in the location you want and compare their sales prices, features and amenities to finally make an informed buying decision.    

Furthermore, decreased competition can translate into a smooth and quick closing. Because real estate agents want to complete the transactions and receive their commission before the year is out, and lenders want to close their books before year-end, they will do everything they can to speed up the closing process.

Reason #2: You’ll work with experienced realtors.
The majority of the realtors who work during the winter are full-time agents. Compared to part-time agents, who usually get hired in peak season and boom periods, full-time real estate professionals have more experience. In addition to knowing the local housing market very well, an experienced realtor can correctly assess your needs and expectations, and recommend the right type of home for your family while considering your financial situation.

Reason #3: Find out how energy-efficient the house is.
When it comes to purchasing a home in Northwest Florida, most homeowners tend to focus on cooling. However, the weather in this location can get downright cold during the winter months, so heating is also necessary. Buying a home in the winter allows you to see how well the plumbing and heating systems work, if the heat is evenly distributed throughout the house and if there are any cold drafts coming in around windows and doors. This is critical because air leaks won’t only make your home uncomfortable but also increase your energy bills year round. 

Reason #4: Sellers are more motivated to sell their homes.
Some of the homes on the market in the winter are summer leftovers. As a home loses more and more value with each passing month, most owners are interested in selling their homes as soon as possible. Also, some sellers might need the money for another transaction and can’t wait until the spring or summer. While this might work to your benefit, the last thing you want is to make a low-ball offer the seller might find insulting. Getting off on the wrong foot can result in having your offer rejected by the seller and might even blow your chances of buying the home you’ve set your sights on.

Although shopping around and buying a home in the off-season isn’t too common, it can save you a lot of time and money. Therefore, if you’ve planned to buy your dream home this winter, feel free to access our Active Listings section, view our floor plans, visit our model homes or call Whitworth Builders today to talk to our experienced professionals. We will work closely with you to help you find your dream home in the right neighborhood. If you’re also looking for a convenient, exciting and innovative way to shop for stylish and quality furniture, accessories and decorations, please visit Furniture Sales Finder