First Time Home Buyer: Understanding Mortgage Terms

first time homebuyer

One of the biggest purchases we ever make is our home. Mortgages can be scary and intimidating, especially to a first time homebuyer. There are so many questions and risk factors in this huge decision. A first time homebuyer may … Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Broker and A Real Estate Agent?

real estate

The process of buying a home can be confusing. All the legal jargon and terminology can be overwhelming to someone not familiar with the lingo. Knowing who you’re dealing with is imperative to having an effortless process. You’re going to … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea to Buy A Home During the Holidays

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According to Trulia, inventory of starter homes increases approximately 7% between October and December of each year. This is mostly because of the abatement in home buying at this specific time. Once school starts up, the financial focus tends to be … Continue reading

The Difference Between a Listing and a Buyer’s Agent

buyer's agent

What is the difference between a Listing Agent and a Buyer’s Agent? There seems to be quite a bit of confusion on this question. Typically, all agents involved in a real estate sale legally represent the Seller (typically referred to … Continue reading

Why Homeowners Choose Open Floor Plans

open floor plan

One of the many benefits of building your own home is the ability of choosing specifications that accurately fit your lifestyle and your family. Trends can easily dominate in any industry, however, the open floor plan has proven quite popular … Continue reading

Tips For Saving For Your Down Payment

Down Payment

Buying a home is a huge commitment! With good planning and prudence, it can be one of the easiest and best things you’ll ever do for yourself.  Your down payment can affect your monthly commitment for the length of your … Continue reading

What is Fall Like in Florida’s Panhandle

florida panhandle

  Life in the Florida Panhandle is a year-round vacation. Each year, the two prime seasons everyone eagerly anticipates are Spring and Fall. With Spring, comes the arrival of tourists, which boosts the local economy and increases the activity for … Continue reading

3 Reasons Millennial Buyers Love VA Loans

VA Loans

According to new reports, increasing numbers of millennials are following the path to home ownership. Some of them serve in the military, which means they might be able to use their VA loan benefits to purchase a home. As a young … Continue reading

Top 3 Veteran Homebuying Tips

Veteran Homebuying Tips

Sometimes, serving in the military involves moving to new states or countries quite often. For many veterans, therefore, having a place to call their own means more than just buying a home; it means bringing their most cherished dreams to … Continue reading

4 Cool Reasons to Buy a Home in The Winter

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As winter approaches—Florida style that is—the days are getting shorter and fewer “For Sale” signs are popping up around neighborhoods. Although winter isn’t the most popular time to buy a home, purchasing a piece of property during this season can … Continue reading