Buying New Construction: How Do I Begin?

New Construction

Unquestionably, buying new construction is very exciting; not to mention the benefits, which typically include: customizations and upgrades that can transform the home to meet different needs, demands and tastes; minimal maintenance in the first few years; warranty on the home … Continue reading

Real Estate Wire Fraud: How to Keep Your Transaction Secure

real estate wire fraud

Nowadays, we’ve all heard of real estate wire fraud scams that have cost many people their life savings. One example that illustrates the devastating consequences of real estate wire fraud is a Colorado couple that sold their house in order … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Milton Home Builder for You

Milton Home Builder

Many people who live in small cities like Milton, FL, tend to have fewer building companies and therefore fewer options to choose from, ask us how they can find the right home builders for their projects.   Our answer is … Continue reading

3 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes To Avoid

First time homebuyer

Buying a home is an overwhelming experience. You’ll spend months (at least) looking at homes, making offers, filling out paperwork, and writing checks. If you’re a first time homebuyer, it can be easy to feel lost. The complexities of home … Continue reading

Why Buying New Construction Could Be The Right Fit For Your Family

Buying New Construction

The home buying process is full of decisions, one of the most important of which is whether to pursue existing or new construction. While there are some benefits to purchasing an existing home, buying new construction can often be the … Continue reading

What is Mortgage Fraud?

mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud is a serious accusation and is a felony in most states. There are a variety of ways that mortgage fraud can occur and you likely imagine that it involves a team of people and a grand scheme to carry … Continue reading

3 Benefits of Brick Construction in Florida

Brick Construction in Florida

Delivering a durable and relatively low-cost building material, brick is available in a wide variety of types, textures, colors, styles and finishes. However, only high-quality bricks that are made from clay and shale can provide a beautiful, long-standing and energy-efficient brick … Continue reading

What Is a Physicians Home Loan?

physicians home loan

As you’re approaching your medical residency, you may be eager to finally purchase a home and have a great sense of stability than you experienced during medical school. However, student loan debt can make it difficult to secure a conventional … Continue reading

What is a Turn Key Home?

Turn Key Home

“Turn key” is a term used in real estate listings to indicate move-in ready properties. The companies that build turn key homes usually offer complete services, ranging from designing and decorating interiors and exteriors to installing cabinets, floor finishes and energy … Continue reading

How to Safely Get Out of a Rip Current

Rip Current Safety- Whitworth Builders

The Florida Panhandle is a wonderful place to live, work, retire or relax while on vacation. Though this paradisiacal location has a lot to offer, unwinding on the powdery white-sand beaches of the Emerald Coast and swimming in the emerald-green waters … Continue reading