Tips for a Smooth Move-in Day

Tips for a Smooth Move-in Day

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Packing up everything you own can be exasperating and exhausting. Not only does moving uproot your life, but the physical process is laborious. Here are some tips to make … Continue reading

Whitworth Homes Featured in Pensacola Parade of Homes and Coastal Homes

Parade of Homes

We are proud to announce our home, “Isle St. Marie II”, has been featured in this year’s Annual Pensacola Parade of Homes and in the May Edition of Coastal Homes! This year’s Parade of Homes is scheduled for May 5th-13th … Continue reading

Why You Should Buy a New Home During the Spring

buy a new home

Spring has sprung! The showers are over, and the flowers are out! The weather is glorious, and everybody with cabin fever is eager to get out and about town. It’s the best time to start shopping for that new home! … Continue reading

What Is a Home Warranty, and Do You Need One?

What is a Home Warranty

A home warranty is an annual service agreement which covers the costs of repairs or replacement of many appliances or home components that can breakdown due to normal wear and tear from frequent use. Home warranties are usually recommended for … Continue reading

Keeping Your House Clean with a Busy Schedule

home maintenance

As homeowners, we all love to live in a clean house. Moreover, recent research has shown that having a clean home improves our physical and mental well-being. But whether you work full time or are just busy, consistently keeping your … Continue reading

What is the Ideal Credit Score for Landing a Mortgage

mortgage tips

Switching from renting to owning a home is one of the best decisions someone can make nowadays. That’s because renting a home is often more expensive than buying one. Last year, a report published by GoBankingRates found that the average … Continue reading

Best Floor Plans for Families

floor plans

Whether you intend to buy a small new home or a larger family-friendly residence, one way to find the perfect home for your family is to browse through different floor plans. When checking out house plans, a few things you … Continue reading

What is a Short Sale? Things You Should Know Before Buying

short sale

Nowadays, many prospective home buyers decide to pursue a short sale because they like the home and can get a better deal compared to other properties on the market. To help you decide whether or not you are a good … Continue reading

Top Features You’ll Want in Your New Home

new home

When buying or building a new home, a solid foundation, sturdy walls, and reliable utilities are critically important. But the list of features doesn’t end here, as many people require different amenities to be integrated into their homes. To help … Continue reading

Interior Design Trends of 2018

interior design

The spring will soon be here again. Whether you’re planning to renovate, remodel, or build a new home this year, the latest interior design trends can inspire you to create a stylish and fabulous home look. To help you with … Continue reading