What is Fall Like in Florida’s Panhandle

florida panhandle


Life in the Florida Panhandle is a year-round vacation. Each year, the two prime seasons everyone eagerly anticipates are Spring and Fall. With Spring, comes the arrival of tourists, which boosts the local economy and increases the activity for local bars and restaurants, along with breath-taking beach days. However, most locals crave the arrival of Autumn’s milder weather.  With October’s arrival comes amazing cooler temps accompanied by bright sunshiny days and lower humidity. The Fall Festivals are abundant with the beaches clearing out and becoming a sanctuary for the full-time residents. Miles of unoccupied beaches offer a sanctuary of tranquility and sunshine.

Windows and doors are opened to the cooler air. Boating and fishing continue as the seasons change. Jeeps and other recreational vehicles heavily populate the roads as the locals enjoy the dryer, cooler air. The mild temperatures allow for enjoyable convertible rides or longer bike rides. Couples walk hand in hand down the moonlit shores of the Emerald Coast. Dogs happily trot with their owners as their humans are happy obliging the request for a longer walk. The migration of birds and butterflies alike brighten up the environment with a flurry of activity. The area takes on a Spring-like feel as everything comes alive in excitement of the end of the Summer heat.

Southern hospitality is at its height as families prepare for the holidays. Football Saturdays become an excellent excuse to grill out with family and friends. Fair warning, the locals expect you to pick a team immediately upon receiving your local citizenship. You get the privilege of choosing one Florida team and one Alabama team. Choose wisely because this decision determines what kind of cookout you’ll have each weekend through football season. Yes, it’s really THAT important on the Gulf Coast. Even if you’re not a fan of football, you’ll find yourself dragged into the excitement!

Fall in the Florida Panhandle offers a ton of weekend activities. A short drive from anywhere on the Gulf Coast and you’ll find corn mazes, pumpkin patches, Greek Festivals, and the coveted Seafood Festivals. You can find yourself visiting four towns along the Gulf Coast in three weekends trying to cram all the Seafood Fests into your schedule. Car shows, gun shows, rodeos, outdoor concerts located in amphitheaters all offer a wide variety of things to do.

It’s activities like these and the mild temperatures one of the many reasons that Whitworth Builders is proud to call the Emerald Coast home. So, grab your light jacket, put on your flip-flops, and let’s get going! Life on the Gulf Coast is waiting for you!