Interior Design Trends of 2018

interior design

The spring will soon be here again. Whether you’re planning to renovate, remodel, or build a new home this year, the latest interior design trends can inspire you to create a stylish and fabulous home look.

To help you with your project, our staff at Whitworth Builders has made a selection of the most exciting interior design trends that will be popular in 2018.

Dark, Moody Hues

This year is going to bring a surprising twist: dark colors, like charcoal grays, sumptuous indigos, and rich jewel tones, will gradually replace soft, soothing paint shades. Additionally, ombre color palettes, interesting shapes in solid colors, and other decorative wall painting effects will be rising in popularity. The beautiful, classic, and timeless kitchens will also start to accommodate darker hues, like navy, plum, and mahogany.

But what if you don’t like dark colors? In that case, interior designers recommend using moody hues, such as foggy grays, watery blues, muted pinks, or tinted greens to create a beautiful, surprising, interesting illusion of colors being diffused by a subtle haze.

The Color of the Year

Although darker hues have already set the tone for the most popular interior design trends, Ultra Violet is the color of the year 2018, according to Pantone. Because we are living in a time that requires creative inspiration, inventiveness, unconventionality, playfulness, individuality, artistic brilliance, mindfulness, spirituality, and connection, Ultra Violet is the only color that can suggest all these things. Whether you opt for a violet carpet, a violet accent wall, a violet backdrop for a bookshelf, or a glossy violet front door, opting for the signature color of modern interiors will add a touch of unparalleled novelty and vitality to your home.

Coastal Splendors

For a Whitworth home located within close proximity to the beach, opting for a refined beachside theme is the way to go. Off or cool whites, light blues, and beautiful tones of greens combined with deep corals, yellows, and navy can deliver a fresh and stylish interior. A great aspect of using these colors is that they make possible a wide variety of interior design choices. As an example, you can create a relaxed rustic ambiance by matching the aforementioned colors with contrasting earthy tones, weathered woods, and natural materials.

The Spa-Like Concept

Over the past few years, a lot of attention has gone into transforming even the smallest bathrooms into spa-like retreats. Because a spa-like haven of relaxation is a necessity today, this bathroom interior design trend will remain popular in 2018. Simple elements, such as a large Jacuzzi tub, earthy tones, and minimalist accents can help you create the feeling of total peace and relaxation of a spa retreat.

Plants Are Back

Inspired by the opulence of exotic holiday destinations, greeneries are creeping their way back indoors. Lush plants in granite, ceramic, or terracotta pots combined with vibrant paint colors and designer fabrics deliver one of the simplest and least expensive ways to breathe life into your home.

Curved Furniture

Fluid and inviting, curved furniture is one of the world’s hottest new looks. Furniture is expected to migrate this year from straight lines and rectangular shapes to beautiful curves, soft edges, and circular items. Also, the Scandi trend that has taught us to choose indiscreet bleached woods is taking us back to darker wood tones, which signify a resurgence in the retro interior design style.

If you are in the market for unexpected, glamorous interior design, you can add a touch of sophistication to your home by complementing beautiful furniture pieces with a refined mix of vivid upholstery hues, such as burnt tones of rose, vibrant ocher, and deep green, hand-crafted textiles in different textures, exotic artifacts, and tribal patterns. For new furniture, decorations, and accessories, we invite you to visit Furniture Sales Finder.

Smart Home Features

Last, but not least, there are some technology mega trends that will begin to change our homes in 2018. Although the buzz seems to be around TVs with 8K resolution displays, different smart home integrations like Alexa and Google Home in kitchen appliances, new home monitoring systems, smart beds, app-enhanced mattresses, WiFi-connected pillows, and even smart bedding for pets promise to change the way we cook, sleep, and live.

If you’re planning to move to Northwest Florida, Whitworth Builders can supply you with a beautifully built home, while simplifying the entire process including the hardest part: coming up with the right floor plan for your family. For more details, please get in touch with our friendly professionals today!