Organization Tips For Your Home

Organization Tips for Your Home

An organized home is not only aesthetically appealing, it encourages time efficiency, helps to lower stress, and may even save you money. Keeping your home organized can sometimes be a challenge, especially with children living at home, but there are things you can do to make it easier. Building a new home provides a unique opportunity to be intentional about organization, beginning with the planning process which will make it easier to maintain. Here are a few organization tips for you:

1. Transition Station

One of the key things you can do to organize your home is to control what happens to things as you bring them in. A shelf system with designated baskets or slots for each member of the family to stow their backpacks is one option. Another may be to have wall hooks for each person. Aside from preventing the practice of just dropping bags and other items wherever is most convenient, a transition station also provides a designated spot to place items you will need the next time you leave, reducing the need to scramble for items on the way out. The closer your transition station is to your main point of entry, the easier it will be to maintain the practice of using it. 

2. Combination Use Furniture

Another way to keep your home organized is to choose furniture that does double duty. Ottomans, coffee tables, and side tables that provide storage allow you to keep plenty of blankets, games, or reading material easy access without cluttering surfaces. Some provide hidden charging stations for electronic devices. Ottomans provide extra seating if you entertain frequently and can be slid out of the way when not in use.

3. Creative Storage for Typical Problem Areas

Some of the worst areas to try to keep organized are the garage, the laundry, and bathrooms. Even these dreaded areas can be tamed with creative storage solutions that don’t have to be expensive.

  • In a garage, a wall lined with pegboard can keep common tools in sight and organized for easy use. Utility shelves are handy for holding cans, buckets, and other bulky items. Try grouping items by the sphere of use, such as indoor, yard, and vehicular use.
  • Over the door shoe racks with pockets are a great tool for organization in the laundry room. They can hold stain removers, dryer sheets, and other small items that would either clutter the shelf or counter space. Under counter baskets that are designated for certain types of wash, such as delicates or whites, reduces time spent sorting. Having a rod to hang clothes on as you take them out of the dryer and making a practice of folding laundry right away keeps your working space clean, manageable, and less daunting.
  • Use your vertical space in the bathroom. Shower racks are excellent for providing space for each family member’s hygiene items. Break makeup tools into categories, either in decorative containers or in a drawer, for organization that reduces time spent getting ready. 

4. The Things That Matter

No matter how much square footage your house has, there is always the risk of overcrowding if you only accumulate things. Periodically evaluating your things and putting an emphasis on keeping and displaying the things that inspire memories, bring joy to you, the things that truly matter to you and define who you are, helps to reduce that risk. 

Keeping an organized home has many benefits and is attainable for all of us with planning and practice. It takes work, but is well worth it when you are happy in your home and not stressed by mess or lack of time caused by disorganization.