Tips for a Smooth Move-in Day

Tips for a Smooth Move-in Day

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Packing up everything you own can be exasperating and exhausting. Not only does moving uproot your life, but the physical process is laborious. Here are some tips to make moving easy:

Prior to Move In Day

  1. Start packing non-essential items early. You can also start purging your belongings of items you no longer use. Separate the purged items into three piles: trash, donation, and yard-sale.
  2. Use your resources. As you pack, protect items from damage by using extra blankets and towels to wrap them. This will help you save money by preventing the need to buy bubble-wrap. (Just be sure to leave out any towels or blankets you may need until your move is complete.)
  3. Keep inventory. Assign each room a color. Use different colored duct tape for each room. Assign each box a number and record the contents of that box in a notebook. Write an inventory list and tape to the side of the box. Numbering your boxes will also ensure all of your boxes are delivered. (For hanging clothes, fit a large garbage bag over them, with hangers poking out of the top.)
  4. Use your evenings to handle the red tape items such as change of address forms, moving quotes, transferring utility services, etc..
  5. Do yourself a favor. Hire a cleaning service to clean your new house before you arrive if it is a preowned home. This is not needed when moving into a new construction home like Whitworth Builder homes. (Also, be sure to arrange the same for your old house upon move-out) This extra expense is worth it. Moving is exhausting. The last thing you’ll want is to have to deal with cleaning on top of everything else.
  6. If you’re moving out of a rental, be sure to photograph the condition you leave the rental in upon move-out.
  7. On your last day before the big move, be sure to pack a “survival box/bag”. This should contain items you’ll want or need right away. These items may include medications and toiletries (don’t forget toilet paper), cleaning items, cooking and eating utensils, pajamas, a few outfits to get you through the next few days, a jacket, any chargers you may need, and any electronics such as a laptop or radio. Don’t forget to throw in some trash bags and box cutters to make unpacking and clean-up easier.


  1. If you’ve hired movers, be sure someone is overseeing their activity in case of any last-minute changes or accidents. If you’re using friends and family for the labor, make sure you keep drinks and snacks available. During the move, designate a specific room to have a snack station, complete with cold drinks and protein bars. An easy and quick meal to keep on hand is pizza delivered to either or both houses.
  2. Keep the tunes pumping. A portable speaker or radio can help keep the movers moving by providing upbeat and motivational tunes.
  3. If you have kiddos or pets, it’s best to leave them with a sitter (away from the all the moving activity) for the day. The chaos and noise may scare or agitate animals or little ones. By protecting them from the moving madness, their transition into their new environment will go much more smoothly. Introduce them to their new home once all the movers have left for the day. Pets and children need peace and quiet to help them accept new surroundings.
  4. Once the boxes have all been delivered, the furniture is in place, and the front door has been shut; take a deep breath and grab a seat. Prop up your feet, sit back, and just breathe. You’ve done it. Welcome Home!

Now that you are all moved in and are surrounded by boxes, make a game plan on how you plan to attack the boxes. Everyone works a little different as we’ve seen some families completely unpack their items in as little as three days. The most common method we have seen is tackling each room one day at time. Once you are done unpacking, get ready to plan a house warming party! Who doesn’t love a great Whitworth house warming party!