Why Families are Buying New Construction in the Florida Panhandle

Why Families are Buying New Construction in the Florida Panhandle

There are plenty of reasons that families from all over are moving to the Florida panhandle these days. Many of these families are choosing to buy new construction once they arrive. So what is it that is making this area so popular right now, and why is new construction the way to go?

The Panhandle is Where the Locals Are

Most people think of Florida because of its many tourist attractions. However, most people will tell you that tourist attractions don’t make for very easy living. Instead, they lead to excessive traffic and higher cost of living. When you move to the panhandle, you get to take advantage of all the benefits of living in a warm climate with a beautiful beach without having to worry about Disney madness.

New Construction is Revitalizing the Area

After the unexpected storms in the gulf over the last few years, many builders like Whitworth have stepped up to the plate to help revitalize the panhandle. There are now dozens of gorgeous communities built near popular golf courses and other leisure activities that are just perfect for families. You can enjoy the home of your dreams in a location that is still up and coming, with all of the latest amenities and features.

Sense of Community

When you first arrive in Florida you will notice how social everybody is. The state is a melting pot of many different cultures, and you will likely be invited to any number of sporting events and gatherings as soon as you arrive. Today’s hottest communities are making this a central feature by adding spacious clubhouses and parks so families of all sizes can get together with friends and enjoy a great atmosphere. If you’ve been dying for a community to join, new construction homes get you into the club.


Aside from all the benefits listed above, you also have to think about durability. Modern homes are built to a higher standard than those of the past. When you choose new construction in the panhandle, you get to take advantage of the highest quality materials and building standards we have ever seen. This means that your new house will stand the test of time and serve as a hub for your family for years to come.

If you are considering a family move to the Florida panhandle, make sure you check out Whitworth Builders today and discover why our communities have become the gold standard in new construction. You will find houses of all sizes to fit your family and your hobbies.